A bobbin is a device used in sewing, knitting things together — a lane is a gentle road leading to an interesting place.
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This website will let you know about our family, our vocations, avocations, and our values.


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Features on this site

Check back to these pages periodically, because new information is being added to them.

  • Puppy Stories will let you read stories written by our Bassett hounds--well, at least written from their perspective.
  • Bob and Okino Erabu contains musings about Bob's one year stay on a Japanese island during most of 1959.
  • The Photo Gallery has a wide mix of photos arranged in albums... enjoy perusing.
  • Family Timeline is a chronological list of major events in our family's life.
  • Lain's Gowns will give you insight about Lain's wedding gown business and designing custom wedding gowns.
  • Little Known Facts will enlighten you with tongue-in-cheek facts and brighten your day.
  • Quotations We Like are gathered from here and there. Reading them will allow you to see some of the thinking and personality of Bob and Lain.
  • A Child's Wisdom About Dogs.


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